The Duck and swan Hotel

Major Sponsor – 2009

A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry.
Ecclesiastes 8:15

…and there is no finer place to eat, drink and to be merry than the Duck and Swan Hotel in Chippendale.

The Beer
The artistry of a knowledgeable barman pouring a cold beer is something that is not lost on the staff at the Duck and Swan.  After you select from their wide range of fine beers and ales on tap they go to work, middies, schooners, pints or sevens, the glass is like an empty canvas.  The taps are the brushes and the beer the paint.  A short wait while you marvel at their skill and presto! another masterpiece in the medium of beer.

The Food
After a refreshing pre-prandial beer the next thing the Duck and Swan offers is a range of culinary experiences from the kitchen, second to none in Rose Street.  If you like a good steak (and who indeed doesn’t?) then Peter is your man.  He hand selects the cattle as they enter the drop zone at the local abattoir, any that don’t seem to be looking forward to being slaughtered, butchered and cooked are immediately rejected.   He then sends the carcasses to tackling practice with the Balmain Tigers.  Its only after they have been tenderised by Sirro and the boys that the steaks are cut.   Its then on to the grill where the magic starts.  Dubbed “The Merlin of Meat”, Peter weaves his spell then blankets the room with smoke before producing, seemingly out of thin air, an appetising medium rare t-bone with pepper sauce, chips and vegetables.  (Vegetarian meals also available).

The Merriment
As if the food and beer aren’t enough the Duck and Swan offers all the latest in Pub entertainment…darts, pool, the jukebox with all your favourite tunes and pokies that are guaranteed to pay big (eventually).  If those are not your bag you can simply relax, soak up the atmosphere and spend an evening baiting the locals.  Young or old, its all there for you at the Duck and Swan.