Club Psychic, Dear Alex

I had a dream recently where I was chased by a giant onion which seemed to roll after me relentlessly, I awoke drenched in sweat (I hope it was sweat) and rather frightened and have not been able to eat onions since.  Can you help me interpret this dream and perhaps give me some advise as to how to overcome my fear of onions. Scared of Onions, onion dip, onion rings and onion related products.

Dear Scared,
This a very common phenomenon, irrational fear of  garden vegetables, my wife has a problem with carrots!!!  In your dream the giant onion represents overseas banking interests, you represent the Australian economy, and you feel you are about to be squashed by this large malodorous runaway vegetable.  Perhaps you are feeling guilty because you have unwittingly worsened the situation of our national debt by borrowing capital off-shore, then again you could just be a weirdo with some sort of giant vegetable fetish.  To overcome your fear you must rid yourself of the offending sum of money, place it in an unmarked black carry-all at the south end of  platform three at Central Railway Station on Friday afternoon 3.00pm.  Go alone and by the way someone will be watching.