House keeping hints with Tim Robinson

It has come to my attention that many young rugby players are lacking the necessary domestic skills to maintain their lives at more than a basic level and this has a detrimental effect on their games. I can’t count the times a younger player has come up to me and said something like…How do you get your shorts so clean? How do you poach an egg? What the hell am I meant to do with all those different Vacuum cleaner nozzles?

Rather than tell them to stop bothering me I have decided to become proactive and thus this Internet page idea. Each week I will take you through a few different tips on house keeping my way, the Timbo way, from the laundry to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the hallway carpeting, including the bits under the couch. Each week this site will grow into a manual of house keeping that may well become the standard other house keeping journals try to measure themselves against.

Often I also hear comments like “I’m not interested, house keeping is women’s work”. When I hear this sort of statement it makes me so angry I could bite through a telephone book. Of course it is women’s work, but do you honestly think making chauvinistic statements like this is going to convince women to get back in the kitchen and cook my mate some eggs? The nineties woman is not interested in some sort of submissive role in a hunter gatherer tribe, they want to feel part of a relationship based upon equality. The trick is to be good at all this house keeping stuff until you have knocked one up. Pretty soon she is stuck at home and with nothing better to do will take over the household chores. So until you get some poor unwary girl pregnant you are going to have to fend for yourself.

The secret to good house keeping is job minimisation. Too much time is spent doubling up work that could be simplified into one job. The keys are imagination and flexibility, always be on your toes looking for an opportunity to save time and energy. Try to find ways of getting things done, without doing them yourself.

by Maso