bring us back together?

Dear Alex,

I am a Pisces being born on the 21st of February 78….about four months ago now I broke up with my ex-fiance Chris Matthews and I have always loved him. Is he just afraid of commitment and will we ever ever get back together. Is there anything I can do that would bring us back together???

Dear Anne,
I apologise for my tardiness in replying to your question but there has been a large amount of “Astral” static lately (I think it has been due to Saturn rising in Aries).  I can tell from your email that you do indeed love Chris very much and I think I am sensing that he still loves you as well but its like the song by Sting, (a Virgo), if you love somebody set them free…free, free, set them free.  However, if you cannot wait around wondering if he will ever come back to you there is something that might help to speed up his return.  It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is particularly true if you can administer some form of love potion to the victim, I mean  loved one.  When I was studying at the School of Secrets in New Orleans, majoring in The Occult we were told of various cultures and societies that held great belief in the secret powers of different herbs, spices and roots.  I have since that time been fascinated by the power of roots.  A good root is worth more than most people can imagine, for instance the simple carrot, if properly prepared can help a person’s visual perception.  Unfortunately in our modern society roots have been tossed aside and trodden underfoot as people turn to other, more esoteric ways of influencing the cosmic fabric that binds us all to the great unknown.   I cannot advise you to drug Chris here but I can suggest that you may find a solution in a book on herbs, spices, roots and their powers easily obtainable from most good New Age bookshops.  If it is impractical to administer a love potion then smearing your body with the right blend of essential oils may rekindle his desire for you, a note of caution however, this will also kindle every other man in the vicinity’s desire so be careful how much you oil you smear on.  Hope this helps.