Straya for Strayans…

This suggests that if you were not born here you are somehow part of the problem facing this country. There is no empirical evidence to support this and if we look at rugby large amounts of evidence to suggest that not only do immigrants become good citizens but in representing their club, state or adopted country stand as shining examples of the virtues in all people that we admire. Where would Strayan rugby be without players like Topo Rodriguez, Willie Offengahue, Ilie Tabua, Toutai Kefu, Daniel Manu and the like?

And what chance of producing an all time great like David Campese, an Italian by descent without immigration? The empirical evidence would show that teams containing a majority of Anglo-Saxons (e.g. England) lose far more often than those with a more dynamic cultural and racial blend. This is not to say the English cannot be good at rugby but an example of how you can prove just about any half-witted theory if you make enough sweeping generalisations.

by Maso