KOBs v Hurlstone Park 3rds, Match Report

Result : Them 20- 5.

Points to Tim Robinson, 2 to Paul McGettigan, 3 to a second rower whose name escapes me for the time being.

In contrast to the last time we played this lot (when the wind blew like it had come straight from the bottom of Satan himself), the day was fine and clear, and with the going underfoot at the Kingdome good to firm, it was never going to be a grinding war of attrition. True to form, Hurlstone Park showed from the off that putting the ball through the hands was always going to take precedence for them over the whole ruck and maul thing.

Having seen the size of them I wasn’t looking forward to the scrums, but surprisingly when we got to the first one they were basically piss weak. Their lineout wasn’t too flash either but they had an unhappy knack of getting a bounce or a not straight with the upshot that they spent a large part of the game with the ball in hand, theirs, which is precisely where they wanted it. They scored 4 tries, 3 of them in the first 20 minutes, which was a shame really, because as the game went on we got a whole lot better and they didn’t.

McGetts showed exemplary sportsmanship when the referee ruled their third try was held up in goal, which it patently wasn’t, in telling Sir to award the try. Your reward is in heaven. The second half definitely belonged to us, even though it was one try a piece. Theirs was a fairly bizarre decision. Sir had the arm out at right angles, indicating a scrum, when they took a quick tap, (ref raises his arm to 45 degrees) and scored (ref raises arm to perpendicular). Not that I’d ever whinge about refereeing standards or anything.

Our five pointer, on the other hand, was a joy to behold. A dropped ball in open field, swooped upon by Dion Fink, who decided to show a bit of toe. He got round three or four defenders, hared down the line and at the perfect moment passed inside to a flying Sam Harvey who had had the foresight not only to do the support thing but also positioned himself quite beautifully. Once more, one is left to lament what might have been. Whilst as a team we might lack the last ounce sheer natural grace and flair, we show commendable commitment, fight and mongrel, and when all is said and done, I think this season we deserved to win more than we did and everyone can be proud of the teams achievements. Gentlemen, I love my footy and only 24 hours later I’m in deep withdrawal.

by Jon Hayward