KOBs v Macarthur 2nds, Match report

This game was a must win for the seconds to make the semi finals with the blueshorts and Macarthur competing for the remaining finals spot. The task was made more formidable in that the game was to be played at Campbelltown which is at a latitude and longitude further then most of us are accustomed to travel and gave the home advantage to Macarthur. What was even more formidable for Doddsy was that the game was played after Friday night. As a result the pre match hype was high, (except for Doddsy who was asking everyone to keep the racket down) and the pre game preparation was serious with forwards conscientiously doing lineouts, practicing rucks & mauls and lineouts with the backs doing whatever backs do.

The game started fast and furious and really set Macarthur on the back foot. In my mind we had them beaten in the first ten minutes. They realised that we were more hungry for the ball and for the win. This was especially true with respect to the breakaways, in Tiva and Bogroll.Tiva was man of the match (in 1sts -ed)and, I think, the unanimous pick for player’s player. He was all over the ball all day. Bogroll again was a contortionist on the field flopping around like a fish out of water for the ball.

The backs made some cutting runs and scored the majority of the points on the day with same great hit ups from Maso & Matty Ivers (get back to your own grade matt – ed) in mid field that made it easy for the forwards to run forward all day. The backs as a whole I thought had a field day with very little that I can remember that went wrong. Diggsy especially made some great runs.

The first scrum did not occur until ten minutes into play, which as the Referee remarked, was unusual and showed the discipline with which we were playing. We quickly showed dominance with the scrums winning several tight heads during the day in crucial spots. Best forward try of the day was by Jeff being powered over the line by a tight pack of forwards from a lineout on their five metre line.

Stu’s throw in the lineout was good with emphasis on keeping it simple working against good opposition. However I suggest that we remove “Fairvale” from our repertoire. It just doesn’t work. Earl did some great spoiling at the back of the lineout coming up with some good ball on their throw. In all, a good win (41-7)which we should build on next week against Hurlstone.

Special commendation to those who played in first grade as well. I think there was five of us who were sacrificed to Nixxy’s win at all costs strategy:  Sarge was heard to mutter at the end of first grade; “At this rate, I will have a washboard stomach at the end of the season and will have to spend all summer fending off the chicks.”

by Alex Rhydderch