Pauline Hanson

and Strayan Rugby – Please explain…

Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party are undermining the good standing of Strayan Rugby in the world therefore I have decided to undermine them. Rugby is a world game and is one of the best ways of bridging the cultural gaps between nations that has been developed. The reason being that it is impossible to hate a rugby player, even Joost van der Weisthuisen. On the otherhand the One Nation Party are a bunch of ill-educated rednecked bigots and impossible to like.

Pauline Hanson stands for no immigration, Straya for Strayans, semi-automatic guns for kiddies, economic self-destruction and annoying accents. Rugby is about camaraderie, achievement, sportsmanship and beer. To put it simply, the two just don’t mix.

Some political commentators say the people that support Pauline Hanson are just sending the powers that be a message that they are unhappy with the status quo. So let us examine what they have to be unhappy about. The problems facing Straya are by no means unique to this country, economic downturns, unemployment, population problems, disunity, not winning the Bledisloe Cup for four years.

They also complain about the Asianisation of Straya, how Strayan manufacturers and primary producers can’t compete with cheap imports, that kiddies don’t have access to high-powered assault rifles, immigrants taking our jobs, aborigines get heaps of stuff for free, taxi drivers who don’t know where anything is…whine, whine, whine…whinge, whinge, whinge.

Let’s examine some of these issues and see how a strong rugby community can help…and remember that strength in rugby is dependent on open and close ties with other countries around the world.

by Maso