Keg Night KOs Kings Captain

We won’t name names, but it has come to our attention that a certain grade’s captain enjoyed the keg the club won for winning all grades in the first round so much last Saturday night, he had to be removed from his taxi home by police.

A distressed Combined Cabs driver could not wake the seriously ‘tired’ captain when they arrived at his home so he decided to enlist some help from the boys in blue.

Eventually police managed to wake up ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who now had a hefty waiting time charge to pay on top of the usual fare. Luckily he had only a short stagger home from the cop shop.

There is no apparent reason to suggest that this ‘tiredness’ is anything more that the after effects of playing a very hard game of rugby earlier in the day and topping it off with a few beers later that evening.

While the police were helping Rip van Winkle out of his taxi, two petrol stations were held up in the vicinity. The culprit who was described as “a very slow moving one-legged man escaping on crutches”, could not be chased because police man power was being used elsewhere.

Again it would be completely wrong to suggest that police may well have apprehended the service station bandit and ended his reign of terror if they weren’t busy helping some inebriate wake up in the back of a taxi. So we won’t even think that.