As you probably know by now KOBs was undefeated on the weekend. This brings up the question of what deserves a keg, no losses, or five wins. We asked some prominent people around the club their thoughts.

Club Treasurer Earl Hekking – “If it was just a question of beer I would say yes, we deserve a keg, but it is also a question of money to pay for the beer, so maybe, but then again…beer, yes the keg should be on.”

Club Captain Nick Sergeant
– “In my honest and humble opinion, and I’m not just saying this to get free beer, yes, we deserve a keg.”

First Grade Captain Guy Martell – “I’m still on my way home from the last keg.”

Second Grade Legend McGetts
– “What’s the point? by the time I get to the pub, the keg is almost always finished, just because I like to spend a bit of extra time to make sure I look good when I go out on a Saturday night. Hair like this doesn’t do itself you know.”

Third Grade Coach Matt Crouch – “Ask yourself the same question I always ask myself when faced with a decision: what would a lawyer do? And in this case the answer is look for precedents, do we have any? Yes, after the first round we had four wins and a draw. Did we have a keg then? Yes. There you go problem solved, now if you ring me this late again I’m calling the police. Sheesh.”

Thirsty Fourth Grade Prop Luke Robinson
– “You’re kidding aren’t you? of course we should have a keg, and then we should have another, and if anyone is still thirsty, another.”

Injured First Grader and Club Secretary Nigel Hobler – “Could we have a keg of mud slide mixture instead?”

Supercoach Matt Page – “Keg me.”

Anonymous Under 19er – “Mum said it is okay with her as long as I don’t miss the bus home and she has to pick me up again. Do I need ID?”

Second Grade Hooker and Beer Connoisseur Stu Pass – “Why do you always go for quantity and not quality? Instead of a whole keg of VB we could have one small glass each of a nice boutique Belgian beer brewed from peaches or raspberries and savour it rather than slop it down like a pack of Siberian Peasants.”