G’day Kobbies

A big congrats to all the Lads who got up on the weekend……..

Now that we have a couple of teams through to the Big GF just thought I’d give a few reminders:

1) The bus trip out and Back is a must for all KOBBIES. It is an occasion not to be missed. If you could get in touch with your coach and let him/her know if you are coming on the bus. They can then let me know. If you have not let them know then we can not assure you a spot on the Venga Bus. I have heard on the Grape vine that 1sts, 4ths, Hooligans and Colties are having their respective get togethers out at the GF.

2)Start Organising Leave of some sort for the Annual Monday lawn bowls and beers event (13th Sept). We need members from all the KOBBY teams to compete for the Hotly contested ‘KOBBY cup’, taken out last year by the Mighty 4th graders.

See you then, If not before