Dan Connell

Nickname/s: Hac, Concrete, Baby Faced Assassin,
Height & weight:
6ft 2in 105kg (with Boots on)
Born, date & place:
Artificially created out of spare parts from the 6 million dollar man project, as such was briefly known as the 6 dollar man……was worth a fair bit back in Gular
Marital Status:
Live with Girlfriend

Rugby Position/s: Wing, Fullback, (I thought I must have been in the forwards for a while as Kongy was always standing outside me)
Rugby Background: Farrer at school, Robb College, Burdekin Canetoads, Coffs Harbour Mud-dogs, Kobbies
Seasons for Kobs: 2nd
Kobs Tours: 0
Rugby Highlights: Winning a couple of GF’s, being a back
Rugby Lowlights: Everytime I have to mark a bloody c#co@ut
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: St Alberts, Hastings and hopefully everyone this year
Rugby Goal: Play good footy, win the comp
Favourite Rugby team: The Tahs
Favourite Rugby player: Lote
Play any other sports: Frisbee, Annual SWR Boule Championships – current “2005 Doubles Champion”


Drink: Guiness
Food: Pizza
Movie: The Matrix
Book: River God
Song: Sour Girl
Band: Cog, Kaiser Chiefs, Powderfinger, Stone Temple Pilots
actress: Natalie Portman
actor: Morgan Freeman
TV Show: Lost

Pick up line: Baby, I would do more things to you than MacGyver in a “Do-It-Yourself Shop”.

Best Saturday night ever: “Disco Inferno” at The Planto in Coffs

Scariest Moment in Life: Putting my arm through a plate glass window at school

Best advice from your Parents: Brush your teeth

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Would probably need some amusement, so anyone willing to do a flaming mangina, 3rd degree burns optional