Daniel MacDonald

Nickname/s: Dirty Macca, Macca, Maca, Maccer, Mecca (Kiwis)
Height & weight: 179cm and 75kg on a heavy day
Born, date & place: 6lbs 8oz, April Fools Day 1982 at 9:35am Mother and
Baby are well
Lives: Broken Hill – The Silver City
Job: Journalist
Marital Status: single

Rugby Position/s: Full Back and wing
Rugby Background: Beecroft, King’s Bristol, and KOBS
Seasons for Kobs: 2001-2005
Kobs Tours: Blue Mountains twice
Rugby Highlights: Premierships in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005
Rugby Lowlights: Getting dropped from the U13 D’s to the E’s
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Joeys, Barker Old Boys and Blue
Favourite Rugby Goal: Grand final kick to win the 2004 final
Favourite Rugby team: University of Wollongong women’s team at 2004 Uni
Favourite Rugby player: Tim Schwilk
Play any other sports: Tennis, golf, AFL


Drink: protein shakes…for my physique
Food: protein shakes
Movie: Top Gun
Book: “Every Australian Bird Illustrated”
Song: “Schnappi”
Band: Chilly Peppers
actress: Roseanne Connors
actors: Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson
TV Show: The Biggest Loser

Pick up line: Hi I’m Steve Glossop.

Best Saturday night ever: Night after 2004 GF

Scariest Moment in Life: When Sean Casey stepped me in touch

Best advice from your Parents: Eat before you drink

Last beer before you die can be shared with one(s) Kobbie(s): Flicka and