ANZAC Day Pub crawl

Dawn Service
For those true Aussie’s (or Kiwi’s I suppose) with any ticker and pride willing to make an effort, the dawn services kicks off at 4:15am at the at the Cenotaph, Martin Place. Please carefully assess your staying power before attempting a 24 hr session. I will be there but as you know few can keep up with me.

Pub Crawl
After a quick bite of breakfast to line the stomach, we will be meeting at the Paddington RSL (the first pub to open in the east) from 10am. From here we will embarking on a pub crawl that will wind its way through 10 of the finest establishments in Paddington finishing at the Oak for an afternoon of beers and two-up.

Starting at 10:30am sharp there will be a short briefing, a quick stretch and a couple warmers to knock the edges off before tackling the course (yet to be disclosed). The event will incorporate a number rules and regulations (to follow shortly) with sever consequences for those choose to break them.

Lads the day is without doubt, hands down the highlight of the Kobbies Calandar and those of you who took on the course in Glebe last year will know it’s an absolute Hum Dinger.

Further details will be explained at training but every one is welcome. Last year there were as many chicks as blokes (which proved to be a little embarrassing for Manta who couldn’t keep up with them) so start talking it up, deciding on the appropriate attire with a touch of ANZAC, and visualising the course. (which will be released on the web tomorrow)