Campbell Basnett

Nickname/s: Bassett, Cabrider, God, Nobody (cause nobody is perfect)
Height & weight: Short and Stumpy
Born, date & place: Yass – 8th January 1981
Lives: Woollahra
Job: Export Trader – Without me the world would stop spinning
Marital Status: Depends where my girlfriend is at the time…

Rugby Position/s: Started at Fullback, moved to Centres, then 5/8 and now Halfback…. If this continues I’ll be Tight Head by 2009
Rugby Background: Played for Gunning Galahs under 5’s, Kings, Orange Ag College and now KOBS
Seasons for Kobs: 4
Kobs Tours: Well Campbelltown is off the map do a Bus trip to Campbelltown is the extent of it
Rugby Highlights: Seeing the Waratahs get smacked 96-12 to the Crusaders
Rugby Lowlights: Tried to convert in front by drop kicking, not waiting for the tee. I missed and we lost by 1. If I kicked it we would have made the semis.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Barker Old Boys, Orange Emus, Waratahs and South Africa
Rugby Goal: The things that I’ve scored thousands of tries under
Favourite Rugby team: The Mighty Brumbies and anyone playing the Waratahs
Favourite Rugby player: George Smith… The bloke is a machine
Play any other sports: Boxing, Cricket, Formula 1, Rugby League, Street fighting, Snow Boarding, Jet Boat Driving, and Big Wave Surfing…… All on my X-Box 360


Drink: You’ve all seen me Skol…. Beer – 6 at a time
Food: Late Night Lamb sandwich (kebab)
Movie: Basic Instinct – the 2 seconds at 1hr 42min 34sec
Book: I’ve only read 1 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Song: The Kingdome is our Fortress…..
Band: Hi 5
actress: Cameron Diaz
actor: Ron Jeremy
TV Show: Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, McLauds Daughters, Desperate House wives and The Biggest Loser (I live with the misses so clearly don’t wear the pants)

Pick up line: You’re not the best looking girl but beauty is only a light switch away…

Best Saturday night ever: Saturday the 8th Jan 1981…. The night that changed the world

Scariest Moment in Life: In the Cross at 4am, upstairs at a strip joint and the Dinger broke.

Best advice from your Parents: From the Old Man – “Mate it’s a numbers game” Quantity not Quality

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Geez that’s a tough Gig… I think I’ll send that one through to the keeper… I love all you guys…