Dara Cairns

Nickname/s: chuckie
Height & weight: 6″ . . . . . . 17st 6 lbs
Born, date & place: good auld dublin, 1981
Lives: in a pint o Guinness . . . Randwick
Job: shit shoveller (at the moment only, by the way!)
Marital Status: all sexed out

Rugby Position/s: prop, either side, hooker
Rugby Background: Played for De Le Salle Palmerston in dublin since the age of six. Schools rugby Sandford Park. 2003 season for Geraldine in Canterbury N.Z.
Seasons for Kobs: first
Kobs Tours: none, YET, yeeeeeha!
Rugby Highlights: captaining colts, man of the match awards, player of the year in high school and 2002 in club rugby. reps teams. Grand final in N.Z
Rugby Lowlights: breaking teeth and ruining my complexion. haha. losing a team mate(broken neck), on the pitch in N.Z.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Lindfield, (first game for kings)
Rugby Goal: keep playin hard until a woman starts giving me alternatives. come on lads, we all are gonna go that way!!!!!!!
Favourite Rugby team: ireland and the twos
Favourite Rugby player: has to be the little fella. . . TROJ!!! john hayes or shane byrne
Play any other sports: tiddly winks and extreme drinking, tough one!


Drink: water or tooheys oh and of course guiness. but cider too!!
Food: eh hello!!!! im a fat bastard, everything!
Movie: has to be, babe pig in the city
Book: Raving Lunacy, Dave Courteney
Song: eye of the tiger . . im a tuf guy ya know!!
Band: loads. bob marley. the dubliners . . ,
actress: oooooooooo . . Natalie POrtman at the moment
actor: myself to the ref
TV Show: home n away. legend

Pick up line: what did u just say?

Best Saturday night ever: too many last sats 30th april bus trip was hilarious the parts i wasnt blacked out for my birhday for!!

Scariest Moment in Life: yesterday the far door of the lift hoist opened on the eight storey wen i leaned against it. freaked me big time. big drop man. wouldnt be pretty

Best advice from your Parents: head down arse up, (at work u sick bastards!!)

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: not answerin that. . . but troj!! the cuddliest prop apart from me. hahaha