George Hardy

Nickname/s: Freck, spot, G-spot, Dog, Gollum, arny
Height & weight: ?
Born, date & place: 07/11/1979, Merriwa 2329 (They shut the maternity ward down after this dissaster)
Lives: Balmain
Job: Fireman and sometimes an accountant aswell
Marital Status: my mates would say ‘I used to know a bloke’

Rugby Position/s: Flanker
Rugby Background: started in the under 8’s as a prop and hope to make it back to the front row when i grow up.
Seasons for Kobs: 5th season
Kobs Tours: Mudgee 7s in 2002. Vowed never to tour on a tour organised by keef agian. The 3 star accomadation he booked ended up being the park next door to the pub. Cracking time had by all
Rugby Highlights: Scoring a try in 1995
Rugby Lowlights: Being bunted back a good 3 meters on the weekend by the half back
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Barker Old Boys’
Rugby Goal: To be still playing for kobbies when i’m 57
Favourite Rugby team: Kobbies
Favourite Rugby player: Sarge
Play any other sports: Lawn Bowls, Handstands


Drink: Rum and milk
Food: Roast Lamb with heaps of roast veggies
Movie: The castle
Book: Peter Rabbit or The Firm
Song: Hey True blue
Band: Slim Dusty, Johnny Williamson and Mellancoln
actress: Jenna Jamison
actor: Morgan Freeman
TV Show: Rove Live

Pick up line: So, how about it?

Best Saturday night ever: Not yet!

Scariest Moment in Life: Inviting Josephine Banks to my year 10 Formal

Best advice from your Parents: Doesn’t matter what your doing, do it as hard as you can. I have found there are a few exceptions but otherwise it’s pretty good advice.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Who?I don’t really like the bloke but it would probably have to be Sherro (Keef)