James Milner

Nickname/s: Ray
Height & weight: 179cm & 82kg
Born, date & place: 1982 at Orange Base Hospital
Lives: Blayney/Paddington
Job: Corporate Finance Analyst
Marital Status: Single

Rugby Position/s: Outside centre
Rugby Background: 1994 Bathurst Junior Rugby Club, 1995-2000 Kings, 2001 Wimborne (UK), 2002- KOBS
Seasons for Kobs: 4 (becoming a veteran)
Kobs Tours: Does Blue Mtns Count?
Rugby Highlights: Definitely winning the Duck Farrant Cup in 2003 and the 3 day bender afterwards.
Rugby Lowlights: Getting dropped from the 13c’s at school after my first game
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Blacktown, Liverpool, Campbelltown (wonder why)
Rugby Goal: To injure a forward
Favourite Rugby team: Wallabies
Favourite Rugby player: Giteau
Play any other sports: Cricket, Tennis + most other ball sports


Drink: Coopers
Food: Can’t beat a roast
Movie: Topgun
Book: Got about 10 Steve Waugh books but am a bit over them now.
Song: Convoy
Band: U2/Powder Finger/ACDC
actress: Cameron Diaz (on the lookout for an upgrade)
actor: Owen Wilson
TV Show: Footy show, that’s about all I watch these days used to love Police Rescue
Pick up line: Nice Tits luv

Best Saturday night ever: Have a lot to choose from although getting smacked in the head by a random F*ck W*t while sitting on the pie shop steps eating a pie in the cross is definitely up there.

Scariest Moment in Life: Taking sarge & bassnett to hospital one day after they tried to outdrink me, thought bassey was gone for a while.

Best advice from your Parents: Always look left & right before you cross the road.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: My brother (token) and Duckman