Jon Hayward

Nickname/s: Yehudi, Yours Truly
Height & weight:
1.95m, around 103kgs
Born, date & place: London, 3rd April 1962
Lives: Willoughby
Job: Software developer in the Investments division at QBE insurance
Marital Status: Married, three sons, one dog, big thumbprint on top of head

Rugby Position/s: Second row
Rugby Background: Minimal. Took up League at 31, retired at 35, took up Rugby at 36 for KOBS, never looked back
Seasons for Kobs: 8 so far – this is my 9th
Kobs Tours: none
Rugby Highlights: Winning the Duck in 2005 (that conversion – go Dirty Macca!), scoring my one and only meat pie against Fairvale in 1999
Rugby Lowlights: Getting knocked out of the 3rds finals series by CBOBs in 2004
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: All of them, but Liverpool and Barker are particularly sweet for some reason.
Rugby Goal: Keep contributing on and off the field, get KOBS into 1st division and keep them there
Favourite Rugby team: KOBS of course
Favourite Rugby player: John Eales, natch
Play any other sports: Chess


Drink: The current one, usually a modest little Cabernet
Food: Varies. Indian at the moment.
Movie: How To Murder Your Wife
Book: The Laws Of Rugby, 2006 edition
Song: Not really a song as such, but Wagner’s Ring cycle or any Mozart opera
Band: Musica Antiqua Cologne
actress: Andie MacDowell
actor: Stephen Fry
TV Show: Grumpy Old Men

Pick up line: Can’t remember. So long since I picked up ….

Best Saturday night ever: A composite of all the beery nude bustrips I’ve been involved in

Scariest Moment in Life: First time I got arrested and found myself locked in a police cell.

Best advice from your Parents: Don’t look back.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Bogroll. It’d be a jug, and probably not just one.