Lucas Kong

Nickname/s: Kongy
Height & weight: Not that much & Way too much
Born, date & place: Perth, Western australia 1983
Lives: K.L. Malaysia
Job: Full-Time Student
Marital Status: Spoken for

Rugby Position/s: Prop and sometimes full-back when France lets me.
Rugby Background: Started in 1999, for my club in Malaysia called COBRa. Played most of my rugby there then came to australia and joined KOBs. Played for Wesley College as well.
Seasons for Kobs: 2002-Current
Kobs Tours: None
Rugby Highlights: Winning the Rugby Final against St. Pauls in 2004. 14 -10
Rugby Lowlights: Losing the Grand Final in 2003 for KOBs 1s.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Blue Mountains, Barker.
Rugby Goal: To get KOBs into the 1st Division comp
Favourite Rugby team: Western Force (as soon as they start, Waratahs for now.)
Favourite Rugby player: Phil “Uncle Fester” Waugh
Play any other sports: everything on the Playstation 2 but also basketball, soccer, tooooooooouuuuchhhhhhhh, ping pong and volleyball


Drink: Beam & Coke “Stay True”
Food: I can’t fit it all in this space
Movie: Remember The Titans / LOTR I, II, III
Book: The Hobbit
Song: Only One
Band: Yellowcard
actress: Eva Mendes
actor: Keanu Reeves
TV Show: The O.C.

Pick up line: haven’t had the chance to use one

Best Saturday night ever: Back home with my good mates after winning the footy.

Scariest Moment in Life: Breaking my leg in 1996.

Best advice from your Parents: “Stop eating.” That’s it.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Robbie Kent, He can have half a schooner and will get pissed, would be well funny before i bite the dust.