Mick Bligh

Nickname/s: Mick (Dickey Knee?)
Height & weight: about 5 foot 10″, 63kg
Born, date & place: St George hospital, Queensland (where else but), 1984
Lives: Petersham, until we’re evicted in a few weeks
Job: Labourer
Marital Status: desperate!

Rugby Position/s: 9, 10, 11, 14, 15
Rugby Background: Soccer from under 4’s through under 12’s (it helped), then Toowoomba Prep for a year, King’s from 97-02, then straight into Kobbies since
Seasons for Kobs: 2003 onwards (that’s 3, for those who struggle with maths)
Kobs Tours: None
Rugby Highlights: beating joeys at school about twice as much as we lost to them
Rugby Lowlights: making the last 2 GF’s only to be dominated in the em
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: any team with co#@$^ts
Rugby Goal: support the reds to a super 14 premiership
Favourite Rugby team: see above!
Favourite Rugby player: Latho of course
Play any other sports: tennis, golf, chess


Drink: Milk
Food: dirty bird of some sort
Movie: LOTR 1, 2, 3
Book: as above
Song: Gary Jules – Mad World
Band: Coldplay/Powderfinger
actress: Renee Zellweger
actor: Kevin Spacey
TV Show: Simpsons/Southpark (yep i’m mature)

Pick up line: Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?

Best Saturday night ever: GF weekends.

Scariest Moment in Life: waking up in hospital after an ‘incident’ when i was 14… then seeing the housemaster….

Best advice from your Parents: drink less, eat more

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Bobcat. cause his drinking patterns are what’s gunna kill me anyway.