Nick Sergeant (Sarge)

Nickname/s: Sarge
Height & weight: 188cm & 132kg
Born, date & place: 1972, Orange NSW
Lives: Bronte
Job: advertising – Marketing
Marital Status: Engaged

Rugby Position/s: 1, 2, or 3.
Rugby Background: Burnside PS Rugby league, Kings School, Lightening Ridge harlequins and KOBS.
Seasons for Kobs: 13th season
Kobs Tours: Mudgee 7’s 1997-2002
Rugby Highlights: Kobs: 1st’s Runner up 2001, 2003 2nd’s GF 2000, 2004 3rd’s GF 2005
Rugby Lowlights: losing 2003 GF
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Barker, Liverpool, Mac Uni.
Rugby Goal: Get KOB’s into 1st Divison
Favourite Rugby team: Kobs
Favourite Rugby player: Phil Kearns
Play any other sports: Bowls, Cricket, Darts, water skiing


Drink: VB
Food: Curry
Movie: The good the Bad and the Ugly
Book: Well I’ll be Ruggered!
Song: Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution
Band: Chilli Peppers
actress: Salma Hayek
actor: Clint Eastwood
TV Show: Curb your enthusiasm

Pick up line: Your good looks don’t intimidate me. (Walk away)

Best Saturday night ever: ? all good

Scariest Moment in Life: Head on crash, person in the other car was a mate.

Best advice from your Parents: Don’t mix your drinks, drink them one at a time.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Probably Maso, he taught me how to dislike beer so much.