Richie Black

Nickname/s: Blackie, King
Height & weight: 194cm & 95Kg
Born, date & place: 1981, Inglewood, QLD
Lives: Camperdown, Brisvegas, Bangalow (nomad)
Job: Student/Sales Rep
Marital Status:
I live with me missus

Rugby Position/s: 8, second-row
Rugby Background: Barker, Inverell, Easts, Gordon, St. andrews Col, KOBBIES
Seasons for Kobs: 3
Kobs Tours: None
Rugby Highlights: Probably emmanuel tours for college and Kobbies social events(ball, presentation day)
Rugby Lowlights: Losing any games, especially 2003 Kobbies GF and Rawson cup games at college.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: BOBS, KNOXfags, Blue Mountains
Rugby Goal: Win a GF. Never won a comp with any rugby team.
Favourite Rugby team: Kobbies, Tahs, Inverell Highlanders.
Favourite Rugby player: Michael Brial (angry young man), Gore
Play any other sports: Golf, Base jumping, Tennis, Championship extreme bass fishing.


Drink: any little bottle of juice
Food: Roast
Movie: Supertroopers
Book: N/a
Song: Heaps; Little Green Bag
Band: Counting Crows/Springsteen
actress: Elizabeth Shue
actor: Ed Norton
TV Show: Simpsons

Pick up line: don’t need them. The ladies come straight to the source.

Best Saturday night ever: Black tie events are always a pretty safe bet for a good one, or a night at the pacific in Yamba followed by a swim.

Scariest Moment in Life: 2 words….pregnancy tests.

Best advice from your Parents: When I was 14….”if you’re gunna get drunk, get drunk at home where we can see you”.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Dunno….maybe Gore cause i know he’d have a cigarette.