Tim Chapman

Nickname/s: Chapo, Cookie, Dirty Hippy
Height & weight: Almost 5’11”, 85  3kg
Born, date & place: Sydney Womens Hospital, 25th May1977
Lives: Erskineville
Job: Distribution Manager
Marital Status: More or less
Rugby Position/s: Flanker, getting slower though.
Rugby Background: The rugby powerhouse of Fort St High, pre-piratical Wests Colts, KOBs
Seasons for Kobs: Do the ones where I’m injured for the season count? Started in 1997. Make it 10 minus the 4 or so I’ve missed.
Kobs Tours: None
Rugby Highlights: Tackling Liverpool Inside Centre in GF 3(?) years ago, stealing the ball, and Stokoe scoring in the corner. I’m really just a simple breakaway chasing the ball.
Rugby Lowlights: Losing in every GF I’ve ever played in.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Balmain High, Barker…
Rugby Goal: Manage a full season.
Favourite Rugby team:
Favourite Rugby player: George Smith – but Josh Kronfeld got it all started
Play any other sports: Hmmm. Not for a while.


Drink: Coopers Green
Food: Chorizo
Movie: Dead Man
Book: Infinite Jest
Song: “Hurt” or “I Hung My Head” from Cash’s American Songbook
Band: Spurs for Jesus
actor: Johnny Depp
TV Show: Scrubs, Spicks and Specks
Pick up line: I think it is impossible to top the Phatman’s. Go look at his profile.

Best Saturday night ever: The random collection of memories from any and all Storey St parties.
Scariest Moment in Life: Wests Colts playing Eastwood. Caught on the bottom of a ruck. Feet flip over head. Neck crunches. Extremities tingle. No rugby for 3 years.
Best advice from your Parents: Never be too good at what you do, your boss won’t let you go anywhere.
Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Matty Bonser – but only if he brings his clipboard.