Tim Schwilk

Nickname/s: Schwilky, schwilko, schwilks (original bunch)
Height & weight: 6’3 and TBA the scales are still moving.
Born, date & place: 9/10/83 Dubbo
Lives: Sydney
Job: Student
Marital Status: Single on Saturday nights

Rugby Position/s: Somewhere in the backs (still)
Rugby Background: Kings, Norths colts, Kobs
Seasons for Kobs: 2
Kobs Tours: Does Campbelltown count?
Rugby Highlights: Winning 2004 premiership,
Rugby Lowlights: Losing to joeys in final schoolboy game, being beaten by Campbell Rogers chasing a kick
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Barker
Rugby Goal: To have at least one more year in the backs
Favourite Rugby team: The Tahs
Favourite Rugby player: The Dell
Play any other sports: Golf, cricket, ballroom dancing


Drink: Beer, rum and dry
Food: seafood.
Movie: Weekend at Bernies, Gods must be Crazy, Weapons of *&^ Destruction
Book: How to fill out Special Consideration Forms.
Song: The Gambler
Band: U2, Eagles, Dire Straits
actress: Keira Kneightly
actor: Morgan Freeman
TV Show: Arrested Development, House, Boston Legal

Pick up line: I promise it wont take long.

Best Saturday night ever: Hong Kong for H.K Sevens is up there with Grand Final win 2004.

Scariest Moment in Life: Whenever I look in the mirror or stand on the scales.

Best advice from your Parents: Don’t treat that one like shit, you will never do better.

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Tough call. Rog, eddie, heath and speed due to school days.