Zain O’Sullivan

Nickname/s: Zaino
Height & weight:
“5 foot-not-much” and about 90 kegs
Born, date & place:
16/6/81 – Perth
Client Account Executive @ PwC
Marital Status:
Significant Other

Rugby Position/s: Can play anywhere – but coaches seem to think I only play in the back row
Rugby Background:
St Pius X College 1st Grade hooker, ISA Reps 3rd Grade Hooker – trialled with North’s Colts – dislocated my shoulder quite badly – have been at Kobbies since.
Seasons for Kobs:
this will be my 4th
Kobs Tours:
none so far
Rugby Highlights:
A try coming from a rolling maul anywhere outside of the 22m
Rugby Lowlights:
having your pass intercepted for a length of the field try.
Club/s you most enjoy defeating: Knox, Barker & Blue Mountains
Rugby Goal: play in a GF
Favourite Rugby team: Mighty Brumbies
Favourite Rugby player: For sheer determination – Ealesy and Bernie
Play any other sports: Yeh can play anything – but coaches seem to think I can only play rugby.


Drink: Speight’s – Gold or Distinguished Ale (from NZ)
Food: It would be unfair to have a favourite.
Movie: Spirited Away or Ninja Scroll
Book: at the moment ‘Shantaram’ – read it, it’s bloody brilliant
Song: the one that’s in my head
Band: at the moment – Foo Fighters
actress: by talent or booty?
actor: Adam Sandler,
TV Show: Survivor (I am the ultimate Survivor)

Pick up line: general rule – if you make eye contact 3 times – go over and have a chat.

Best Saturday night ever: apparently the ones I can’t remember…

Scariest Moment in Life: Watching the nurse give me a catheter…

Best advice from your Parents: “Don’t be a knucklehead”

Last beer before you die can be shared with one Kobbie: Racka – he’d probably scare the grim reaper away so we could have a few quiet ones over the footy.