Great results + The Fitz Files

With all byes out of the way and rugby right up till semi’s in a few weeks time, it’s going to be an interesting and competitive ride for a few of our teams.

With competitions in all grades being so tight, it is imperative that we all come down to training each Thursday. A reminder also that if you can’t make training you must contact your coach in advance of Thursday training. In most cases, a call at 5pm on Thursday afternoon is not good enough.

If you didn’t see it, we made the Fitz Files last Saturday for our 40th birthday. Fitz was kind enough to respond to our request (specifically Duckman’s email) to help promote the ball to which we are grateful. We have also received assistance from the Daily Telegraph in a section of their paper that allows individuals and groups to seek out past friends or in our case players for events etc.

Have a look at  to see Fitz’s article under ‘Team of the Week’.

The ball will be a fabulous occasion – book your table now! Click Here