Game Times V St Ives

10:45am: Colts kick off – – come down, grab a bacon and egg roll and watch our boys have a solid crack at making the semi’s

12:15pm: 4th Grade/5th Grade vs Golden Oldies – – this could be good…

12:55pm: 3rd Grade kick off – – Hopefully one more win to make that minor premiership all the more sweeter

2:00pm: 2nd Grade kick off – – the boys’ are going for 2nd place on the ladder. A remarkable turnaround from the first half of the year and well deserved

3:15pm: 1st Grade kick off – – do or die for the semi finals. Hang around for what will be an absolute corker of a game

Plenty happening tomorrow. Beer, wine, champagne, bbq, meat trays – – what a great way to end the regular season out at the Kingdome. See you tomorrow.