URGENT – Please vote for players player

Your vote counts. Your mate’s vote counts. If he doesn’t read email, call him, tell him what’s what, and get those votes in to Jon Hayward or SMS 0412 587009.

Matters administrative: A couple of things have been gently pointed out to me.

  1. You are actually voting on the Player’s Player award. B&F is decided upon by your respective coaches. My bad. A senior moment.
  2. Several of you have pointed out that the spreadsheet I attached last night dudded you out of several games. That’s because I got a bit lazy and decided to reuse the one I submitted to Subbies for Finals eligibility determination purposes; it only listed your highest run on game in any round, replacement appearances not counted, because that’s what Subbies want. I’ve spent this evening constructing The Real Thing – For each game you run on in, in any grade, you get a vote. If you were a replacement, you get half a vote.

It’s all documented and backed up by the teamsheets as entered into the Subbies’ system, which is the best evidence we’ve got, and I’m more than happy to open the books should anyone want me to.

So exciting. This is visceral, from the heart, conviction voting. Shows up the John and Kevin show as the pathetic cynical pandering vote buying exercise that it is.