Round 6 Vs Newport – Home game

As mentioned last night the running of water for teams has been disgraceful during the start of this season.  As such the new roster system is now in full force.  Five players from each team will be responsible for running water, touch judge and bbq (for home games) for another team each week.

It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you can’t fulfil your time slot for any reason.  You will then do their duty next week or the week after.  I will be holding Team Captains responsible for ensuring that their players arrive on time.

This Saturday against Newport at Kings the middle five (back row, half back and five eight) are on duty as follows:

Teams attached here

1st Grade
to look after 3rd Grade from 1pm

  1. Ollie Hankin
  2. Dave Haydon
  3. Nick Anderson
  4. Mike Hand
  5. Heath Sinclaire

2nd Grade to look after 4th Grade from Midday

  1. Sam Triggs
  2. Shannon Menzies
  3. Alex Hammond
  4. Andrew Turner
  5. James Chauncy

3rd Grade to look after Colts from 10:50am

  1. Jock Purtle
  2. Andy Pedashanko
  3. Julian Ashmore
  4. Tim Rae
  5. Steve Glossop

4th Grade to look after 1st Grade at 3:15pm

  1. Nick Mansfield
  2. Left Ioannou
  3. Nick Windsor
  4. Ben Price
  5. Travis Drummond

Colts to look after 2nd Grade at 2pm

  1. Charles Pembroke-Burse
  2. Matt Tuck
  3. Tom Hosegood
  4. Adam Diprose
  5. Richard Gell)

5th Grade – your reserves will need to look after the water.