Newport Bus Trip

Yep, thats right!!  Its Bus Trip time again!!

With World Youth Day peaking this Saturday and the Harbour Bridge and surrounding roads closed for most of the day we will be organising a bus to get everyone to and from the games at Newport this weekend.

What I need from you is:

  1. Do you want a lift on the bus to Newport?
  2. Where do you want to be picked up from
    1. Double Bay
    2. Syd Uni
    3. Crows Nest
  3. Do you want a lift on the bus back from Newport? FYI, without a good reason this is compulsory!!

It is important that everyone lets me know so that we can cater for the correct numbers and so we dont have a repeat performance of the Epping bus trip earlier this year.  Depending on numbers we will either book a mini bus (25 odd seats) or a big bus (50 odd seats).  Your response before training on thursday would be much appreciated so I can let the bus company know.

The rough timeframe (which will be confirmed on Thursday) is as follows:

9am – Royal Oak Hotel, Double Bay
9:15am – Syd Uni (Ross St Gates)
9:45am – Crows Nest Hotel (Falcon St)
10:30am – Arrive at Newport with plenty of time before 4th Grade.

For some of you the above times may seem a little early, however traffic is going to be an absolute nightmare with the Harbour Bridge closed and we will need to go from Syd Uni the long way via Gladesville Bridge and Hunters Hill, in order to get to Crows Nest and then head to Newport along Military Road or a back way, which is still to be finalised.

Then on the way back the plan is:

  1. 5:45pm – Leave Newport after speeches and head to the Newport Arms Hotel to fill up (and possibly pick up a stranger or two).  Newport does have showers at the ground.
  2. 6:30pm – Arouind this time a toilet stop is usually required
  3. 7:15pm – The Harbour Bridge opens again at 5pm on Saturday arvo so the trip home should be alot quicker.

We are heading back to the Kauri this week to watch the Wallabies v Springboks (8pm kick off) as they are much more flexible than the Oak and we should have most of the pub to ourselves.  The guy from BLD (food place next door) is putting on some nibbles for when we arrive and as usual their full menu will be available until the end of the Wallabies.

Unfortunately, Colts this week are playing against Hills at Hills, however you are more than welcome to join us either on the bus for the return leg from Newport or to watch the Wallabies at the Kauri.