Selections + Training for Semi Finals


Squads for the weekend’s semi’s below. Training is very important, try and get down there by 6:30pm so we can get moving early. If you can not make it for any reason make sure you let me know ASAP.

Selections will be affected by who is at training.

1st Grade Squad

Alex Frew
Alex Hammond
Andrew McFarland
Andrew Turner
Ben Greentree
Campbell Rogers
Chris Maher
Dan Bligh
Dave Haydon
Henry Hoskins
James Chauncy
Jay Murray
Jonno Rhydderch
Josh Moule
Mark Wilkinson
Matt Edwards
Mick Bligh
Mike Hand
Mitch Gibbons
Nick Anderson
Ollie Hankin
Tim Rogers
Tom Mannix
Tom McFadyn
Tom Smith
Tom Watson
Angus Watson

3rd Grade Squad

Alex Payne
Andrew France
Andy Pedashanko
Ben Russell
Brent Rackylet
Charlie MacLean
Dan McCulloch
Gus Watson
Heath Sinclair
James Leslie
James Nash
Julian Ashmore
Matt Bonser
Matt Payne
Nick Sergeant
Nick Williams
Rob Millner
Sam Triggs
Shannon Menzies
Steve Glossop
T Bro
Tim Rea