Game Times vs Drummoyne

Hi all,

Game times vs Drummoyne are as follows. We haven’t been advised that games are cancelled or a change of venue at this stage, so Drummoyne Oval it is.

5’s: 11.00am, Taplin Park (next to Drummoyne Oval)

4’s: 12.00pm, Taplin Park (next to Drummoyne Oval)

3’s: 12:55pm, Taplin Park (next to Drummoyne Oval)

Colts: 2pm , Taplin Park (next to Drummoyne Oval)

2’s: 2pm

1’s: 3:15pm

It is important that you stay around and reserve and support the grades above you. The higher grades will be there to support you in return. It is also very important that we have guys stay around for presentations afterwards. For 1st grade this is mandatory, and strongly encouraged for 2nd grade. All others who can attend should do to support King’s and to thank our hosts.

If you haven’t registered, go straight to the registration button on the home page now and do it!!