Game times, team sheets

(be there an hour before kick off)

Round 4 team sheets

Field 1
1sts   – 3:15pm
2nds – 2:00pm
3rds – 12:55pm
Colts – 11:40am

Field 2
4ths – 12:00pm
5ths – 11:05am

We are playing at St Luke’s Park (aka Cintra Park), Stanley St, Concord.

Cocktail Party

Our nuffy of a PM has decided the best way to save the economy is for you to get drunk at the KOBS cocktail party so use your stimulus cheque in the best way possible.

Organise a group of mates to go along as well. This is not a rugby only gig – there is plenty of room to bring firends and we definately want you to at least bring one girl – be it your wife, mistress, girlfriend, sister or mum.

I know I am banging on about this but it is our 1 big social event for the year and it will be a great night if we get a full house of 200.  To do that we will need to all bring a mate or two along. click here to book your ticket

As mentioned last night if you have not registered you are not insured. Click here to register

We are fast approaching the date where if you have not paid your fees you will not be selected – it is not fair to let your mates subsidise your footy. Again with the $900 hitting your account this week you have no excuse not to have paid your fees.