Availability + Reserving + Sunnies Found

Availability Sat May 8th v Briars at Rothwell Park in Concord.

Let Gloss know if you can’t make it this weekend.

5th Grade

We are playing 5ths v Sydney Convicts this weekend. The game will be played at Rothwell Park at 9:45am before Colts. We will need a couple of extra players for this so if you have any mates who are keen for a run let me know and bring them along to training on Thursday night.

Backing up for higher grades

With the change to the replacement laws this year it is now even more important to ensure that you stick around (with boots on) to reserve for the grade above you. To make it very clear if you are not backing up fro the grade above it will lead to you being dropped as we can’t be left with no subs as we have been for a few positions lately.

Found – pair of sunnies

A pair of sunnies was handed in to me at training last Thursday.
If they are yours pls let me know.