RESULTS and the week ahead

Results vs St Ives @ The Kingdome

This was a great first up result for the club with every grade getting up! Honourable mention goes to Jordan Phelan for a massive hit on the St Ives 7 off the Kick Off in 1st grade to take out the hit of the pre-season, so far! It’s still early days though so we won’t be reading into this result too much and expect big numbers at training this week to continue building momentum.


This week:


From our Sponsors:

A great player from our recent past (and current roster if we have anything to do with it) is now plying his trade as a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Dan Bligh works at Bradfield Cleary and has kindly offered his services to the club. Dan works in sales so if you have any family, colleagues or friends that are looking to sell then he’d be happy to help.


Dan also understands that most of us are a lifetime away from buying or selling in the Eastern Suburbs so he also suggested that we check out their rental listings and he’d put in a character reference for anyone from the club that applies (this is gold dust in a competitive rental market).


For rentals:

For sales: