Game Tomorrow is BACK ON

So we can now confirm that 1st grade to 4th grade are back on tomorrow. Colts have been cancelled. However we are at a different address:

Playing fields 9 & 10
Recreation Drive
Barden Ridge

Where is Barden Ridge you ask? Good question. It’s South. Very south. Here is the google maps link:,Recreation+Dr,+Barden+Ridge+NSW+2234&gl=au&ei=QceQT7OwM8uciQeqotTyAw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCIQ8gEwAA

and here is a street directory print-out of the field specifically:

The playing times are as normal (4s at 12, 3s at 1, 2s at 2 and 1s at 3:15).

Please spread the word, we are struggling for numbers this week and will need as many people as possible to get there.

If you need a lift please reply to this message or post on the facebook page.

We apologise for the miscommunication earlier, and I can promise that Toby will make up for it by shouting every winning team a beer at the Nags after the game.