KOBs vs Petersham Round 1 Wrap

The mighty KOBs ventured to Camperdown Oval for the first competition round of the season against Petersham, and emerged victorious in both Colts and 1sts after close losses in 4s, 3s and 2s. There were plenty of good signs in all grades and with a home game against Oatley this weekend there is plenty to be excited about.

4s kicked off the day and took on a motivated Shammies outfit who were strong across the park. In a brutal physical affair Petersham emerged victorious 16-3 with a few late tries sealing the deal despite a close tussle throughout. After the game OC likened the play to ‘trench warfare’, which carries plenty of weight considering OC actually served in World War I and has had considerable first hand experience of ACTUAL trench warfare. Number 8 Towellsy was a clear standout bagging 3 points, with OC grabbing 2 and Macvicar 1.

If 4s was like World War I, then 3s was more reminiscent of Vietnam. Dirty, hard-fought with an incomplete ending. Did anyone REALLY win? Well, yes. Petersham. But the end score of 3-0 is a good illustration of how tight the game was. KOBs carved up out wide but Petersham defended the ruck admirably and in the end were too hard to breach. Ed Love took away the 3 points, with Derek and Ruds taking out the minors.

So if 4s was WW1, 3s was Vietnam, Colts were… OK I’m fucking sick of thinking up these war metaphors so you can just do your own if you want. Colts dominated from start to finish and won 22-12. The smaller Shammies pack just couldn’t cope with the might of the KOBs boys at the set piece, and the backline had little difficulty finding space. I don’t know who got the points but Dan Carter, Luke Rowntree and Josh Andrews all had belters.

2s came out fired up but met a committed Petersham side and went down 25-10. It was a patchy effort from 2s who will be undoubtedly looking to right the ship this weekend, however they showed glimpses of what they are capable of with two good second half tries. Again can’t remember points but Mouley, Brad and Thomson all had crackers.

The best was yet to come for KOBs though. Petersham 1s clearly fancied themselves- they had about five coaches, two physios, a dietician and sports psychologist. KOBs on the other hand only had coach Deane. That said Deano serves as KOBs coach, physio, motivational speaker, psychologist, trainer, masseur, strapper, analyst and wedding planner (little known fact- flower arranging was Deano’s first true passion). So it seemed KOBs were entering the game as solid underdogs, and after conceding an early try it looked like Petersham would be too strong for the visitors.

However the game took a remarkable turn, with KOBs slowly getting back into the contest and scoring on the bell to inch ahead 7-5 at the break. In the second half though it was one-way traffic, with KOBs scoring twice more to take it out 25-5 in convincing fashion. It was a great team effort, with great performances from Wol, Mitch ‘Shake and’ Baker, new boy Aurelian ‘Michelak’, Fordy and Pagey. As the Kobbies men celebrated, the Petersham team began a lengthy warm-down routine reminiscent of the Waratahs.

When approached for a comment for this article coach Deane broke down and wept on my shoulder. He eventually composed himself enough to say “I want Coach of KOBs to be a lifetime appointment. I will do this until I die. I am the King of KOBs, and I want the players to bow down before me”.  Ominous words from the supercoach.

All in all it was a good outing for the club, and this Saturday we return to the Kingdome to tackle Oatley. Make sure you get to training on Thursday, we have plenty to work on!