PUB RUN: Training for Thursday 05/04


Here’s the plan for training on Thursday…

We’ll be doing a pub run – starting at Wentworth Park we will do a warm-up job to the Kauri for BEER #1 (6:35-6:45pm), from there we will proceed to run to the Toxteth Hotel for BEER #2 (6:55-7:10pm), followed by a potential BEER#3 at the AB Hotel with the finishing point at the Nag’s (7:30pm) where we will be watching the Rebels vs. Blues with more beers and a feed.

Estimated cost: $30-35

Meet at Wenty at 6:30p.m. as per usual and we’ll get it underway ASAP. If you’re late, you know where we’ll be so catch up!

Please refer to the attached map for our destinations.

Any issues, gimme (TMoule) a call 0400338348.