Round 2 Match Report: KOBs vs Oatley

An undermanned KOBs faced a fired up Oatley outfit in round 2, and after a patchy day came away with one win and three close losses.

After making the 6 hour trip down to Barden Ridge (which was not so much a suburb as a clearing in the woods), it turned out the field was pretty good and all grades were fired up to give it to Oatley with both barrels.

4s started promisingly, and with two tries to man of the match Brendan Howe they were locked at 14-14 with just ten minutes to play. The forwards held the ball well and seemed to have control of the game. Sadly some indiscipline (and poor officiating) saw Oatley bag a couple of penalties to take the win 20-14. Gibbo and OC both had crackers, and a win is just around the corner.

3s was the highlight of the day, with a brilliant try after the siren giving us a 15-12 win. All three front rowers scored tries- Ed Love (an 80m runaway), Nick Novak (a 95m runaway) and the clincher by Brendon Boulos (an 110m effort with six chip-and-chases, 14 goose-steps and a bicycle kick). But seriously it was a great effort with every player chipping in. Ruds bagged the 3 points for an outstanding display, with Zach taking two and the front rowers one apiece.

2s were a bit undermanned, hit hard by injuries and unannounced late withdrawls (you know who you are). However they gutsed it out and went down 20-12 in a tight one. Similar to last week it took too long for us to switch on, but when we did there were some top tries scored by Brad and Thommo. Gilmore lead well from the front, with the front row also fronting up.

The main course of the day was 1s and they delivered a try-fest, going down 42-31 in a free-flowing affair. Sadly KOBs were never really in it and a few late tries added some respectability to the score and ensured we walked away with a 4-try bonus point. Oatley were on fire, with miracle passes sticking and the ball bouncing their way. Still our ability to stick with it and walk away with the BP was encouraging.

I went looking for coach Deane after the game, and after a lengthy search found him in the carpark attempting to slash the tyres of the Oatley players’ cars. When asked for a quote he produced a five minute rant, heavily laden with swears and racial slurs too graphic for even this column. He then broke down in tears, and said: “Every time a KOBs player drops out at the last minute a part of me dies inside. I take it as a personal rejection. Why can’t you love me Nick Williams? What have I ever done to you? Am I not pretty enough?” He then started sobbing again, then started singing Kasey Chambers. I think he took it pretty hard.

Boys we have three events to look forward to this week- ANZAC Day at the Nags, training on Thursday and the game against St Ives away on Saturday. All three are important events for the club, so get involved. Also pay your subs if you are yet to do so, details are on the website.