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Kings Old Boys' Rugby Union

John F. Kennedy on a visit to West Berlin at the height of the Cold War in 1962, forgot to utter the immortal words, “Ich bin ein KOB first grader”, and so that this oversight would never be repeated by future US presidents, the King’s Old Boys Rugby Club was formed a few years later.

Since then, for the past 52 seasons, the mighty King’s Old Boys’ Rugby Club has entered teams in the NSW Suburban Rugby competition. 2019 finds KOBs once again intrepidly taking rugby balls where others fear to go (i.e. The Kingdome).

The Kings Old Boys Rugby Club is proud to be associated with the The Glebe Hotel.

A good way to meet the club members is to drop in after training or a Saturday evening at the TGH, you’ll usually find some of the boys watching rugby on the TV’s and enjoying a burger or steak in the beer garden.

The Glebe Hotel

The home of KOBs Rugby is the Kingdome. Situated in the tree-lined expanses of The King’s School Parramatta, the Kingdome is one of Sydney’s most picturesque rugby arenas. Built on a former convict burial ground, the Kingdome is alive with supernatural influences and the nearby paddocks have a higher occurrence of crop circles than anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

The players themselves don’t seem to notice the dark malevolent atmosphere of the Kingdome and look forward to home games with the same rabid enthusiasm kamikaze pilots exhibit on training flights.

The Rug Shack is a clubhouse unrivaled for opulence, built from the finest knotted pine and chipboard it reminds visitors of a gentler age. An age where it wasn’t so much what a building looked like, but more importantly, that you had a roof over your head.

Speaking of roofs, the Rug Shack has one of the world’s largest deposits of recyclable aluminum in its ceiling thanks to the custom of tossing “empties” through the manhole.

The Rug Shack is an ideal place to have a drink after a game and relax by the roaring open fire and speculate as to when the ceiling will cave in. (Old players and coaches can become a “Shack of Rogues” Member)

It may have been the late American writer Truman Capote who described King’s Old Boys Rugby as “…frighteningly realistic…” but he was inclined towards understatement, just ask anyone who has come up against KOBs in a post match boat race. Apart from the competitiveness of its rugby teams, the club is famous for its skill in producing first rate boat racers. Undefeated in over six years and in many different formats the KOB boat racing team is legendary. It doesn’t matter to them the type of beer or how it is served, they accept nothing less than victory.

World famous drinker, the late Oliver Reed explained their success thus, “The secret is they don’t actually like beer, they can’t stand the sight of it, the longer it sits in front of them the more they just want it to disappear…the quickest way for this to happen is to pour it directly down their throats, I respect that, they obviously have given away the enjoyment of a cold beer after the game to excel at this strange custom. I admire their dedication, but watching them is kind of scary, particularly if you like beer as much as I do. Whoever instilled this hatred of beer in them has a lot to answer for”.